Will of Augustine (Tracadie)

Grand Tracady, July 26_1835
In the Name of God Amen

Being sickly in body but sound in judgement as this my last Will and Testament, I bequeath unto my eldest son James the land joining Alexander McAulds Easterly line in which will be line joins in front and running parallel with the said line to the back line and fronting at the north at the sand, and he is to pay Three Pound Six Shilling and Eightpence rent for his share of the land yearly. - I leave to my second son Angus the piece of land joining his brother James Easterly line on one side, and John McDonald his father in law’s line on the other side, and running out to the back line until it meets James line and it will front to the north in the middle of the Swamp next to his land with a line running East and West, and his yearly rent will be Three Pounds Six Shillings and Eightpence, and I leave to him the first foal that my mare will have, and as for the rest of the stock, I leave it to his mother to divide them. I leave to Margaret my wife the rest of my land where my houses are - and after her death to my younger son Donald and they are to pay a yearly rent of Three Pounds Six Shillings and Eightpence and the dwelling house and out houses are left to Margaret my wife and after her death to my son Donald. I leave to my son Donald the second foal of my mare, and if a division takes place between Donald and his mother, Donald will have to support his mother.

   Augustin McDonald

This will was recorded on the 14th November 1855,
on proof of handwriting by Donald McDonald, son of
the Testator, as a - - -? to Will
C. Young
Judge of Probate

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