Column Titles of 1901 Census.
Schedule No. 1. Population.


Dwelling House.

Numbered in the Order of Visitation.
2 Family or Household.
3 Name of each person in family or household on 31st March, 1901. Personal Description.
4 Sex.
5 Colour.
6 Relationship to head of family or household.
7 Single, married, widowed or divorced.
8 Month and date of birth.
9 Year of birth.
10 Age at last birthday.
11 Country or place of birth. (If in Canada specify Province or Territory and add "r" or "u" for rural or urban as the case may be). Citizenship, Nationality and Religion.
12 Year of immigration to Canada.
13Year of naturalization.
14 Racial or Tribal origin.
15 Nationality.
16 Religion.
17 Profession, occupation, trade or means of living of each person. (If person has retired from profession or trade add "r" for retired). Principal Profession or Trade.
18 Living on own means.
19 Employer.
20 Employee.
21 Working on own account.
22 Working at trade in factory or in home. (Specify by "f" for factory and "h" for home, or both, as the case may be). Wage Earner.
23 Months employed at trade in factory.
24 Months employed at trade in home.
25 Months employed in other occupation than trade in factory or home.
26 Earnings from occupation or trade $.
27 Extra earnings (From other than chief occupation or trade) $.
28 Months at school in year. Education and Language of each person five years of age or over.
29 Can read.
30 Can write.
31 Can speak English.
32 Can speak French.
33 Mother tongue (If spoken).
34 a. Deaf and dumb.
b. Blind.
c. Unsound mind.
(If infirmities date from childhood add
"from childhood").

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