1891 McPhee Census of Lot 43

Order of visit Names and Relationship to Head of Family
(Wife, Son or Daughter if Relationship not given)
Age Married or Widowed Country or Province of Birth (P.E.I. if not given) Place of Birth of Father (P.E.I. if not given) Place of Birth of Mother (P.E.I. if not given) Religion (Roman Catholic if not given) Profession, Occupation or Trade
105 McPhee, Neil 44 M         Farmer
  McPhee, Harriet E. 46 M         "
  McPhee, Allan John 17           "
  McPhee, Mary Ann 15            
  McPhee, Sarah Ann 11            
  McPhee, Joseph 9            
  McPhee, Donald Francis 5            
  Morrison, Mary 33 M          
108 McPhee, Pius 53 M         Farmer
  McPhee, Catherine 46 M         Farmer
  McPhee, Maggie 24           Housemaid
  McPhee, Matilda 20           "
  McPhee, Veronica 16            
  McPhee, Mary B. 14            
  Ryan, Alfonso  (L) 7   U. S.        

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