1891 McPhee Census of Lot 47

Order of visit Names and Relationship to Head of Family
(Wife, Son or Daughter if Relationship not given)
Age Married or Widowed Country or Province of Birth (P.E.I. if not given) Place of Birth of Father (P.E.I. if not given) Place of Birth of Mother (P.E.I. if not given) Religion (Roman Catholic if not given) Profession, Occupation or Trade
4 McPhee, John 37 M         Farmer
     Mary 35 M          
     Joseph 2            
     Neil 0            
6 McPhee, Archibald 37 M         School Teacher
     Katie 29 M          
     Aeneas Peter 1            
     Jessie May 5m            
     Helena  (Domestic) 15           Servant
17 McPhee, Angus 54 W         Farmer
  McPhee, Pius 14            
  McPhee, Mary  (Sister) 55            
  Cheverie, Neil (Relationship not given) 16            
41 McPhee, Raymond 34 M         School Teacher
     Kate 39 M     Ireland   Dressmaker
     John Wilfred 6            
     Joseph Leonard 6            
     Daniel Victor 4            
50 McPhee, John 60 M   Scotland     Tailor
     Sarah 76 M          
     Mary Ann 41            
     Allan 38           Tailor
     Raymond (Relationship not given) 15           Gen. Servant
102 Campbell, Daniel 26           Farmer
  Campbell, Flora Ann  (Sister) 28            
  Campbell, Pholimena  (Sister) 20            
  Campbell, Peter  (Brother) 22           Housebuilder
  Campbell, Charles  (Brother) 18           Carpenter Appr.
  McPhee, Mary (Relationship not given) 78 W   Scotland      
209 McPhee, Pius 33           FarmerFisherman
  McPhee, Mary  (Mother) 62 W          
  McPhee, Columba  (Brother) 37           Fisherman
  McDonald, Sephima?  (Domestic) 62           Farm Laborer

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