Will of John MacDonald, Head of Hillsborough

In the name of God, Amen I John McDonald of River Head being now infirm of body but of sound mind doth make and confirm this as my last Will and Testament viz. I first bequeath to my dearly beloved wife Nancy McDonald a three year old yellow mare and a cow her choice of any on the farm and two sheep and her living of the farm as long as they chose to live together and should they separate I leave her one end of the house during her lifetime to be then granted to those who occupy the farm. I secondly order my third oldest son Alexander to recover from Mr. John Curry of Vernon River Six pounds due on a lot of lands purchased from my second son Donald (now deceased) also a choice ewe. Thirdly I bequeath my fourth son John and fifth son Alexander all the remaining part of my real and personal estate after they pay my funeral expenses and pay my debts if any may be due at the time of my death and I also order the two last named John and Alexander to pay my sixth and last son James twenty pounds in cash or other property as best suits him when he sets out for himself together with a years education. I also desire the last two mentioned John and Alexander to provide for my daughters Jane and Perpetua as we have hitherto done so until married and do hereby name and appoint John McDonald Esqr. of Alisary and my oldest son Ronald as my executors and may God in his mercy enable them quietly and peacably to perform this trust I repose in them. Signed, sealed and Delivered at Hillsborough Head P.E.Island, this fifteenth day of November one thousand eight hundred and forty three.

Angus McDonald
Angus McDonald St. Peters

This will was proved on the 31st May, 1847
on the oath of Angus McDonald a witness

R. Hodgson
Surrogate Judge of Probate

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