Will of James (Allisary)

In the name of God, Amen
I James McDonald, Alisary of Alisary Lot or Township 37 in Prince Edward Island, North America though weak of body, yet of sound mind and judgement, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following
1.When it will please God to call my soul to himself I order that my body be interred in a Christian manner.
2.That all my lawful debts shall be paid.
3.To my son Alexander I bequeath the half of the farm I now possess viz. all the land, on the west side of the middle line of my farm and adjoining the farm held by my brother John also.
4.To my son Eneas on the land on the east side of said middle line, and adjoining the farm held by Augustine McDonald together with the marshes attached to each part to be held by them separately with the exception of two stacks inside and one outside which I bequeath to my son Angus and also to my beloved wife her living on the place as now together with two cows and six sheep at her disposal at all times - and their support also - also two cows and six sheep to my daughter Caroline together with her support while she remains single but when married she has to be provided with two cows and six sheep equally by my sons Alexander and Eneas.
Lastly my Legatees are to pay the sum of ten pounds immediately after my death, as follows firstly to pay five pounds cash to be paid for masses for the repose of my own soul and five pounds cash to be paid for the repose of the souls of my Aunt and her husband, who formerly held the place I now bequeath to my two sons on the foregoing condition and to my sons John and Joseph I bequeath the sum of Twenty shillings cash should they look for it.

I appoint Alexander McDonald River Head and Augustine McDonald Allisary Executors of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I subscribe my hand and affix my seal this eleventh day of February 1868 in the presence of

sgd   Wallace Phelan
  "     John McDonald
sgd   James McDonald

This will was proved on the 9th April 1868, on the oath of John McDonald, a subscribing witness

Charles Young
Judge of Probate

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